During the period of the first year of activity of SALUTARI® centers, are included all services specified here.

(Including for Italian and optional centers abroad)

The role of our medical team naturalist

The size of SALUTARI® spaces, the type of the focused treatment and the positioning of the path for the benefit of health are studied in collaboration with our medical team naturalist. The group follows, step by step, all the stages and is available for consultation even in the period after sale.


Designed to be dynamic

With the multi-functionality of the rooms, the spa are designed to modify, change and to vary the therapeutic related purposes to the seasons.With events targeted or requests for specific treatments proves to aiclienti a continuous and constant sensation of originality and innovation.

Présentation PowerPointWe offer your business the necessary assistance for the training of your technical staff to the best use of the locals SALUTARI®. In combination with products designed for the welfare of the person and also the consulting the management of your center.


TERAPIE IMPRESA and Phytomer (leder company in the sector of cosmetics for spa and wellness centers) assists the offer to a professional way.

Develop and implement operational standards, offer personalized services, sensory quality, thanks to many years of collaboration.

The counseling includes:

– Study and structure of the custom menu of treatments.

– Access and availability of evocative images, prestigious, for communication both internally
(space, posters …) and external (brochures, website …).

– Focusing the commercial objectives and enhancement of the SPA.

– Consulting to optimize the 1st presentation of the SPA event.

– How to manage the inauguration: times and methods.

– Trade promotion strategies of the SPA already inauguration: strategies and formulas.

– Consulting for programming 2/3 promotional events throughout the year.

– Contributions graphics, file, for communication of events.

– Intervention by the Beauty Spa Consultant at every event.

– Our offer also includes the kit of products to be used within the STEAM BATH SALT + Physiotherapy Chaise longue and the sales kit of retail products.

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