Salt steam bath

To reach psychophysical wellness it is important to take care and rebalance the respiratory and circulatory systems. Every inspiration and expiration creates a perfect balance. A frenetic and stressful lifestyle generates fear, anxiety and anguish, which modify in an unnaturally and unhealthy way the respiratory rhythm.

In our SALUTARI® salt steam bath we practice a halotherapy treatment which, thanks to the antibacterial action of salt particles, can ease the hygienization of the respiratory tract, strengthen the immune system and eliminate back muscle stiffness: a real elixir and an energy boost for the organism. The Halotherapy treatment can be combined to the natural treatment, specifically conceived by our medical staff.

Our salt steam bath






Here above you can appreciate our salt steam bath, sitting comfortably relaxed you will benefit of the Halotherapy treatment combined to the natural treatment specifically conceived by our medical staff and included in our elegant seats.

What is it for

Due to the salt steam action and subsequent skin pores dilatation, the passage of the precious oil elements being released in the blood flow, correcting the imbalances and contributing to revitalize and restore energy and health to all who are tired and stressed.

The heath and dilated pores contribute also to the elimination of toxins, and let the beneficial substances in the steam penetrate in a deeper and easier way.

How it works


The salt bath has a temperature of 50°C, a air humidity of 60% and saturated with spray micro-particles of crystalline salts.

The heath of the steam accelerates the metabolism while the salt delicately cleanses the skin.

How to do the treatment 

We add spray marine salts and extracts of essential oils which purify and cure the airways. This peculiar technique with steam and sea water, combined with the heath in the cabin creates a climate similar to that of a pleasant seaside stay.

Marine salts cleans the airways 

Take some salt from the container facing the steam bath, then enter in and gently rub your arms, chest, abdomen, back and legs with the salt.

A tailored design

The design of the salt steam is made by us only, in order for the space to be perfectly integrated with your area which will result highly enriched and personalized with this high quality element. All the natural materials are chosen to make your spaces unique and exclusive.

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