Reflexology footpath

Every daily activity requires a body with flexible and responsive joints to all stresses. Our feet are a reflection for all our body, therefore the muscular elasticity of your joints should not be understimated.

Barefoot walking on the reflexology footpath you will generate a natural stimulation able to reabsorb the blood stagnating in the legs and feet. In this way the liquid is redistributed, the sensation of fatigue and heaviness tends to disappear and the estaethic appearance enhances significantly too.



What is it for

Walking on the reflexology footpath will result of a geared work of leg muscles and spinal articulation, leading ot an improvement of joint mobility and muscle stiffness, with an immediate sensation of comfort and wellbeing.

How does it work

The soft and graduated path excercises a stimulation of the feet which positively affects the whole body.

The bare feet will immediately and naturally be at ease and will enjoy following the path with small steps, through a high quality articular activity thanks to a biofeedback innate system.


The natural stimulation offered by the reflexology footpath creates a complete massage for the whole foot sole, positively effecting all the organs.


Cleaning and sanitising

In SALUTARI® spaces, we adopt anti-fungal and anti-wart sprinkler sanitisers.

In addition, at the end of the day viruses and bacteria are inactivated in a natural way by specifically automated systems.

Water reflexology footpath 

A reflexology footpath has been places on the bottom of the pool, in a combination specifcally conceived by our medical staff to allow the hydrostatic force lift the body weight, enhancing the benefits of the treatment.


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