The elegant design of the Multisense sauna is the perfect combination of technology and functionality: a dynamic place to touch more senses.

Designed to be comprehensive and flexible

The great feature of this sauna is to have, in a single space, the possibility of having the choice of all the benefits in the universe of saunas.

To access the use of multiple functions you have to set up your environment to the desired program.

The product is recommended for private but also for public places. It has the great advantage of alternate functions in relation to the requests for: customers, the season and programming of events organized in the structure. A dynamic approach in step with continuous innovations.

The Multisense sauna is designed with high-quality German materials and northern European and built entirely in Italy, in a glamorous and original style.




Pleasant surroundings, sensory and emotional gently welcomes the user, to which is added the soothing, enveloping, sense of warmth.


The interior materials of the sauna are combined in perfect harmony with the place in which it is installed; an unmistakable creativity that makes this room the perfect place for relaxation and health

unnamedSauna Multisense is programmed for four functions:

– Intensive heat (90°) sauna
– Bio sauna
– Salt sauna
– Herbal sauna

Intensive heat (90°) sauna

sexy women's tummy in drops of sweat

A room that produces intense heatspecialized in generating vigorous temperatures for an intense sweating and skin detoxification.

The temperature of 85 ° C-95 ° C with a humidity of 10-20% favors the reinforcement of the immune system by inducing, in the body, a condition of fever as defense of the organism. Inspired by ancient remedies of hyperthermia, this solution remains, even today, a valuable support to health.

Bio sauna

It ‘a local from the comfortable warmth, suitable for making Multisense sauna very pleasant for those who badly tolerate high temperatures.

The local materials give the space a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. One senses a balance (50 ° C = 50% humidity> 60 ° C = 60% humidity>) between DRY HOT & WET HOT, that make your stay comfortable and relaxed. The room is big “attractiveness” for those who have difficulty with the high temperatures.

In Biosauna transpiration it is less intense than in the traditional sauna, but offset by longer stays that allow greater sweating and loss of fluids than traditional saunas.

With the expulsion of toxins and impurities, it purifies the skin pores making it more elastic, smooth and luminous. The treatments also promote an aid against sleeping problems, muscle pain and rheumatism.

Salt sauna

A room in the middle between dry and wet: a hot sauna, cozy and with adjustable temperature from 30 ° C (perfect for kids) and humidity soltre 10-15%.


Inside the room with an aromatic diffuser pink salt, coupled with very low humidity, it preserves the salt particles in the air, generating an incredible feeling of lightness and taste.

The aroma diffuser function is to create a natural treatment and beneficial to support: breathe better, encourage a regular sleep, promote the absorption of nutrients from the intestinal profile, reduce asthma attacks. The therapy also reduces the appearance of: cold, flu, bronchitis, catarrh, laryngitis, rhinitis, otitis, sinusitis, and stimulates the body’s detoxification.

In this solution, there are also two pillows of pink Himalayan salt that can be used during the stay in the room.

The pillows also act as natural remedy disinfiammante when applied on the parts of the body such as muscle contractions, cervical, stiff neck, joint pain, back contractions.

Herbal sauna

aroma flowers

The pleasant warmth of a temperature of 60 ° C, and a humidity of 40% -50%, makes you enjoy the beneficial effect and exalts the aromatic fragrances. The result is a purifying treatment that combines the benefits of conventional sauna with specific ones of the herbs used.

The Multisense sauna uses a natural treatment that recognized since centuries with proven health benefits. Ideal for people who suffer from anxiety, stress, mental and physical fatigue, insomnia, lymphatic stagnation.

In the room there is a technical container, in a central position, suitable to the treatment with different kinds of herbs; a shining example of how to get healthy benefits surrounded by perfumes in the splendor of nature.

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