Hydro thermal bath

The first step to achieve a complete relaxation of your body is a complete muscle loosening. When a muscle is too tense we perceive its heaviness, it is therefore fundamental to facilitate its loosening and passive stretching, paying great attention especially to the spine as it is the point where all tensions concentrate.

Who suffers from muscular and joint pain can alleviate tension through our hydro thermal baths which work specifically on muscular relaxation allowing to release the tension from those areas resulting contracted due to a sedentary life or to excessive physical fatigue.

Our hydro thermal bath


The value

How is it realized

Our bath tub has jets focused on the back spine, and comfortable and relaxing seats, and are provided with graduated pressure nozzles, necessary to stimulate the vein flow, using the medical principles according to the bottm-up human movement system, as it reactivates the circulation and acts on muscular stiffness.

Whirlpool targeted jets

Our jets are specifically conceived for every need and request. At every passage the stream moves towards to heart from the bottom to the top.

Differently from most part of spa bath with fixed nozzles casually positioned and sometimes even strong enough to damage the capillaries, the bath tubs SALUTARI® have jets conceived for a specific treatment on the spinal, lumbar, sacral and thoracic muscles.

Tailor-made Design loungers and seats

The seats in the bath tub are tailor-made according to the clients anatomical needs based on a range of types (here below you can find 3 among the many available) to allow the best ergonomical confort

How does it work

The action of our hydro thermal bath is focused on every muscular group, and excersies a specific action on the spine like the fingers of a skilled masseur. Our jets substitute the manuality of a massage.


Different types of massages

In our hydro thermal tubs you can enjoy different types of massage as they are realized with specific hydro nozzles in order to reach what is best for every individual neccessities. The nozzles are designed to be positioned according to every kind of height and size.




Decontracting massage 


It helps to relieve stress and fatigue, making us feel cared after and well-loved.

The areas of the body where the tensions accumulate can be different: from the head to the neck, the arms, the back and the feet.

The decontracting massage increases the flexibility of the body, improves the blood flow and stimulates the energy flow, contributing to producing a sensation of intense vitality.

Sport massage

The massage is an integral part of every athlete’s training. Particularly in need for cures are the legs and feet.

The areas of the body where the tensions accumulate can be different: from the head to the neck, the arms, the back and the feet.

Rehabilitation massage

This type of massage can ease, after injuries or operations, the recovery.

In these cases it is always better to follow the advices and the cures prescribed by a physiotherapist.

A tailor made and elegant design

The bath tubs SALUTARI® are designed to perfectly suit the environment.
They have any restriction in terms of sizing and shape as they are personalized, tailor-made and assembled on site. As you can see in the gallery, we have uniquely designed tubs in multiple shapes: like the clover, the round or the heart-shaped ones, all covered in marble mosaic.

Both for the design and coating, we choose the ones that better suit the space, preferring natural materials, pleasant to the touch of naked body.
The hydro thermal baths can be designed in every shape; together with our installers we can provide the right project and the best placing.

Specific treatments 

The waters recommended in this space are a concentrate of atomised sea water partially sodiumfree, which combines all the macro-elements and traceable elements in sea water.

The composition of sea water, very close to blood plasma, explains the success of the first water dispensaries, thalassotherapy and sea thermal treatments.

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