The space SALUTARI® can be used simply for mental and physical relaxation, even without back problems?

Yes, the activities in SALUTARI® spaces are not medical, therefore they can be used also by people not suffering from specific back pain, but who are willing to relax or to prevent certain diseases in a relaxing and comfortable space.

Working on the health of different body points, harmonising the flow of vital energy, a general improvement in the psychophysical conditions of the person is obtained, regardless the presence of back pain.

Which are the responsabilities of the owner of the SALUTARI® spaces?

None. The spaces by SALUTARI® can be managed by non medical responsible, even by an esthetician or a professinal figure of the staff, who in no case makes diagnosises or interferes with medically prescribed treatments and activities.

We do not practice any cure or treatment reserved to the exercise of the medical profession, we do not suspend any ongoing medical prescription, a prerogative only of graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Dental Surgery, Chiropractic and Osteopathy.

The spaces SALUTARI® follow a code of practice “primum non nocere”, that is they use only methods with no counter-indications, and therefore refrain all clinical cases in which worsenings for the client may occur.

SALUTARI® spaces offer benefits from the very first treatment and long-lasting results?

Yes, all those who use the spaces by SALUTARI® will perceive improvements; from the first time muscular stiffness caused from back pain are relieved.

The quality of life and psychophysical well-being get better on daily life: at work, in interpersonal relationships, study and sport.

How SALUTARI® spaces increase customers and revenues?

The owner of a SALUTARI® centre works 365 days a year, as it is addressed to the 80% of people looking for its distinctive sign, that is a natural remedy to back problems; an illness affecting over 80% of world population. Compared to other centres, it offers an innovative and exclusive product combining wellness and health, beauty and design.


What about installation and maintenance costs? Which are the yearly maintenance costs and which documents and administrative paperworks are required?

Costs and paperworks are the same as for every normal wellness/beauty centre.

The construction of a SALUTARI® centre requires the same costs and authorizations, does not need medical staff nor special maintenance costs.

The SALUTARI® space can be at a later time extended or adjusted?

Yes, the spaces by SALUTARI® are further extendable over time.

Single spaces can be realized separately, as they work on multiple points over the entire body, and each of them acts for the benefit of the back:







The whole SALUTARI® spaces together globally treat the person in three dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual.

The SALUTARI® space is specifically designed by our staff in order to meet individual requirements and space available, so to create a relaxing wellness space perfectly integrated with the final location.

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