Core Sauna unit

Relax in a core sauna unit to improve the oxygenation and hydration of the tissues, boosting the absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which reach painful areas more easily with a larger body stream.

How it works

The low temperature infrared technology works on waves affecting on the outer layer of skin called derma, allowing to softly and safely transfer the healthy heath in the body.

The sauna effectively and safely acts on the derma, allowing the thermic defense mechanisms of the skin to be minimally influenced and without alterating its thermoregulatory systems.

Room temperature

In the natural treatment provided with our core sauna unit, the heating is distributed through blood circulation from the spine to the entire body, and in this way the whole organism is gradually warmed.

With a cabin temperature of around 30°-38°C the body can easily release excess heat.

This type of infrared deep heat facilitates the natural thermoregulation, pleasantly warming the body from the inside, which experts believe being among the most useful and effective in the world. Moreover in this way no effort from the cardiovascular system is required.

Lamp technology

The two most important elements are; the ceramic lamps filled of lava sand, and the low temperature infrared technique.

With an air temperature of around 30°C, the back is uniformly warmed by a special lamp (ceramic lamp filled of lava sand) with no direct contact with infrared radiation.

The heating supply is only provided on a limited area, around 10/12% of skin surface, through a continuous infrared radiation.

The thermal intensity can be adapted to individual wellbeing and to the personal heat absorbing capacity.

What is it for

Our sauna unit provides a homogeneous warming of the back, highly effective to relax muscular contractures and relieve back pain, in addition to being a pleasant and relaxing experience.

A tailored design

TERAPIE IMPRESA realise it with a recognisable style, combining artisan design and great creativity in a tailor-made product suitable for every environment.

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