The strenght of natural approach and self-healing

SALUTARI® spaces are managed by a non-medical director who doesn’t make diagnoses nor interferes with prescriptions and doctor-recommended remedies.

SALUTARI® spaces employ methods and treatments minimising the risk of side effects, simply stimulating the body self-regulation capacities encouraging its restraint, improvement and normalisation without using therapies or treatments encompassing the abuse of medical profession, without suspending current medical treatments.

In the spaces by TERAPIE IMPRESA we apply a method related to the professional field, so to recognise the limits and remand those cases beyond domain to other specialist figures.

The basic principles of the activity in the spaces by SALUTARI® are human intrinsic responsiveness stimulation through non-invasive reflex stimulating procedures, and applications with bio-electronic devices in compliance with the regulations and of the Code of Practice, without interfering in the the doctor-patient relationship.

Any nosological diagnosis is excepted, together with any pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy for the treatment of specific pathologies, prerogative of graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Chiropractics and graduates in Osteopathy.

No manual chiropratic or osteopathic manipulation is practiced, nor will be given any drug or medicine for which medical prescription is required.

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