We provide support to architects willing to realize a wellness centre for a client with the exclusive “SALUTARI® design set”

With your professinalism and the support of our staff you will no longer need specialised technicians in building wellness centres: you could design, realize and personally manage a SALUTARI® centre thanks to the experience and expertise of TERAPIE IMPRESA.

SALUTARI® design set

For this reason we created for you the exclusive “SALUTARI® design set” which will allow you to create a wellness centre in a rapid and reliable way.

Kindly send us the following data:

Plant/design, measurings, photos of the current state of the intervention site.
Presumptive design draft – non-mandatory

Photos of the location where the wellness centre/space SALUTARI® will be realised

Inform us if one or more SALUTARI® wellness spaces, to be placed in the centre, have already been identified

Let us know if you wish to receive further information concerning the benefits offered by the natural treatments operated inside every single wellness space SALUTARI®.

Your local suppliers will be informed about the installation procedures of our wellness structures, both attending meetings at our company (or with Conference call or videoconference) as well as being provided conceptual designs to be used during construction phases.

Our naturalist medical staff will assist you for a comprehensive product benefits presentation of SALUTARI® spaces, explaining to the clients the advantages offered by our spaces.

For the spaces management an assistance service will be at your disposal, to be consulted for every necessity.

You will let your client preview the initial presentation of the SALUTARI® centre, eventually discussing together the details and layout, in order to quickly make the necessary changes and start the project.

With a clear programming process you will synchronize all the intervention phases on the site and to coordinate the installators and suppliers.

We will provide you executive designs of all necessary arrangements for utilities and plants, to make all the correct preparations for plumbing, electrical and consctruction systems you will submit to your local suppliers.

Your workforces will be able to install our SALUTARI® spaces by participating to meetings with our staff at our company and viewing the spaces before shipment.


Our spaces are realized in more parts, to be then assembled on site we will provide clear and simple installation plans, with indications for the positioning of the single parts composing the spaces and related assembling drawings.


This in order to overcome access constraints to narrow spaces and realize the installation of our wellness spaces SALUTARI® both in underground lots as well as on top floor penthouses. You will profit of a dedicated and constant assistance and you may arrange surveys by our specialized installers on the intervention sites or in meetings at our offices.

For the completion of the project our staff will put you in touch with high quality suppliers for coating, lightning and all other required details to be purchased directly without intermediaries.

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