Chalet Stimulus Reaction


Not only hot saunas but the health effect by alternating hot and cold


Experience, innovation and elegance of the treatments with the positive effects of the contrast between hot and cold, are combined with the color research in the design of the rooms.

The use of the local stimulus-reaction Chalet, in combination with the hot saunas, inside the SALUTARI® center, generates a very efficient cooling system for a complete health effect.


shutterstock_210369049_lowAfter the cooling step in the Chalet stimulus-reaction the body takes the maximum energy to heat up. This favors the improvement of the internal circulation of helping numerous health benefits on the person.

The walls of the room are completely combined wood with a warm hues lighting to perceive a less cold temperature of the real and facilitating the body in the passage of the condition by 90°, hot sauna, to -10° of the Chalet stimulus-reaction.


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Rush of 100 ° C is not possible with the traditional wet cooling systems (cold showers or immersion tanks) can not drop below 10 ° C temperature.

The phases for proper use are: before the heating of the body, for about 10-15 minutes, in the sauna with intensive heat and subsequently the passage in the Chalet stimulus-reaction.

The ideal time of permanence time is 3 minutes later, followed by a third stage of relaxation with a break of 10-15 minutes.


Fundamentals are the fluid intake and the frequency of the sauna, about 1-2 times a week, 2-3 steps for sitting, both in summer and winter.

The benefits of the Chalet stimulus-reaction are training the blood vessels. Before the dilatation favored by heat and subsequently quick shrinkage due to the cold temperature. The particular blood flow, produced by this treatment, benefits the skin to the muscles and tissues of the veins.




The use of the stimulus-reaction Chalet helps sleep because the cold actions encourage relaxation and rest, with the release of endorphins. It has also improved the welfare of the respiratory tract, resting tissues, increase concentration, attention threshold, stress reduction, rapid regeneration especially after sports activities.

Muscle benefit, when you are forced to work harder to produce heat, stimulates the metabolism to burn more fat.

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